Q5. News Story – Story 3


Lalit Modi leaks MS Dhoni’s India Cements offer letter


Lalit Modi, the previous chief of Indian Premier League has made some sensational claims on Instagram posting a picture which he claims is the agreement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni which he marked at N. Srinivasan-possessed India Cements. The agreement uncovers the better points of interest of pay which Mahendra Singh Dhoni earned as a Vice-President of India Cements.

It is not a concealed truth that there is no blood lost between Lalit Modi and N. Srinivasan. Lalit Modi has frequently guaranteed that N. Srinivasan brought forth the intrigue which got him sacked from the IPL, which prompted him escaping the nation. He has kept bashing N. Srinivasan on any open door stood to him. He has now hit back at N. Srinivasan and in addition MS Dhoni, whose association with the previous BCCI President has been regularly theorized.

he picture uncovers that Dhoni was offered an essential pay of Rs 43,000 at India Cements. On top of that, Dhoni was managed an essential recompense of Rs 21,970 every month. He was offered an exceptional pay of Rs.20,000 and additionally different conveniences like Special House Rent Allowance, another Special Allowance and in addition training and daily paper costs of Rs 175 every month. Modi contends that why does a player like Dhoni, who procures 100’s of crores in a year, was managed such a pay?




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